Focal Adhesion Analysis Server

FA visualization


Welcome to the focal adhesion analysis webserver, hosted from Shawn Gomez's lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This website implements a set of computer vision algorithms designed to automatically process time-lapse images of fluorescently labeled focal adhesion proteins in motile cells. The methods associated with the processing pipeline have been published in PLOS One and Cell.

If you have any problems with the website, questions about the results or suggestions for improvements, please email me (matthew.berginski [AT]

Need an image set for testing? Download a set here.

Want to see what the processed results are like? Download this file and take a look at the results interpretation page.

How To Cite the FAAS

The FAAS has been published in F1000 Research.

  • Berginski ME, Gomez SM. (2013) The Focal Adhesion Analysis Server: a web tool for analyzing focal adhesion dynamics [v1; ref status: indexed,] F1000Research 2013, 2:68 (doi: 10.3410/f1000research.2-68.v1)

Software Availability

All of the pipeline and webserver code is available through github.